Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some more garden pictures

yeah, so maybe posting all of these pictures is being a bit obsessive.  I don't care.  :)  I'm attempting to document all of my plants this year - and posting pictures here helps keep me motivated to keep the gardens weeded, watered, and healthy.  I'm just really excited about growing things this year!  :)


Wild phlox on the other side of the fence - in the field behind our yard.

The voles are back and are terrorizing my veggie garden already  :(  any tips on getting rid of them?  The best I've found so far is regular mouse traps with peanut butter.
my version of square foot gardening.  it's actually 2-square-foot gardening as my squares are 2x2 instead of 1x1.  :)  eh, it works.
one of my new planter boxes that my father in law built me for my birthday!  This is where I'm going to grow lettuce and other greens to keep them away from the voles & rabbits.
all of the planter boxes....
The first peony of the year!  :)
and some more about ready to come out
garden in front of the house - irises, dianthus, sedum, lilies...and some weeds.  :)
my tiger lily had babies!!  :)
front of the house
hmmm....  first year any of my irises have been YELLOW!!!  where'd this come from??
irises in front of the house
front of the house...  I just found out what the white flowers are - ornithogalum umbellatum or Star of Bethleham.  Very pretty and sweet smelling flowers.  :)
front of the house...  do you know what the pink stuff is?  It also came with the house.  it flowers most of the spring/summer.  is it creeping phlox?
side of the house.  we built this pathway.  there just used to be a garden here and nothing connecting these two we put in some cinder blocks and installed a gate.  I love it!!  :)  strawberries and roses on the right, lilies, black eyed susans, and some kind of ground cover on the left.
close up of the strawberries
closeup of the roses


wingnut16sm said...

I heard to get rid of pesty animals who eat your vegies...use dog fur. We're going to try it this year with Boris hair...don't know if cat hair would work...hehe.

Kara said...

Good idea! I'll give it a try. it's a better idea than others have given - to have Paul pee in their tunnels. :-p I don't really want him peeing in the vegetable garden! Thanks! Let me know how the dog fur works - maybe I'll have to get some from a friend if cat doesn't work. :)