Monday, June 22, 2009

Freecycle Offer - Magazine Rack

This is being posted so freecycle users have an easy way to view pictures of this item. If you want this and could pick it up from South Lyon, let me know! :)

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

socks and gardens, what else? :)

so the pink socks are done.  :)  This first picture is a good shot of the stitches, but a bad one of the actual color....
Here's a more accurate picture of what the color is.  I need to figure out the settings on my camera and how to get both in the same picture...  :)

The current project - I actually finished p the toe on this sock last night and have it off the needles.  I'll be casting on the mate tonight!  :)  it's hard to see the pattern, but it's a cabled one called "dragonfly"

The cutest cat ever, Mia, wants to say hi!!!  :)

And now for some more garden pictures!!!  Its so amazing how much things can change over night!!!

I noticed these growing this weekend - I'm not sure what their "official" name is, but we called them coin plants when I was a kid.  They must have come with something that I transfered from mom's garden because I didn't plant them.  I decided to leave them since I had so much fun playing with them and the "coins" when I was younger.  :)

more and more peonies keep opening up! 

Paul and his dad are going to rip this bush out for me in a few weeks.  It's so ugly and overgrown.  Whenever I cut it back, it just turns it's time to say good bye!  :-D

mmmm....irises!  These are the ones from mom's garden.  There's two colors- this light color and a darker one.  Only the light ones were open last night, but I noticed some dark ones that were opening this morning!


Radishes in the planter box.  :)

Spider wort! I LOVE this plant. Only a few of the buds are opening, but in a few days they all will be and it will be QUITE the sight. These open each morning and close each evening.

front yard:

back yard:

Monday, June 01, 2009

mmmm.... peonies!

We just finished up an awesome weekend with great weather!  And it just happened to be my birthday on Saturday.  :)  Mom came over Saturday and we spent all day working in my gardens after a yummy lunch prepared by my awesome husband.  mmmm burgers on the grill!!!  We got TONS of work done in the gardens and they look GREAT.  Pictures of the overall look to come - but here's some of my favorites that are currently blooming - peonies!  I love love LOVE the dark pink ones and they smell heavenly.

Oh, and our dead vole count was up to 4 Saturday morning and there haven't been any spottings since.  I'm REALLY hoping they've moved on.

While we were working in the yard, we sent Paul and John to go pick up a new couch for us!  It's so exciting to finally get past having Paul's college fouton in our living room!!!  :)  We recently upgraded our tv and tv stand also - so we're doing pretty good.  :)  I'm not sold on the color of the couch.  it's  But it's in perfect condition, has a fold out bed, is very comfortable...and only cost us $50!  Really, how can you beat that?  So we sent our guest bed home with mom and John to store until a friend of ours is ready to pick it up for her son.  The fouton and all of my crafting things went into the "guest room" (YAY!!!  now I have a craft room!!!!  my stuff all used to be in the dining room)  And we still sleeping space for the same number of guests...though maybe not as COMFORTABLE sleeping - I'd rather have a bed than a fouton any day.  But we also decided that, for as rare as stay over guests are, it's not worth having a room that we're not able to use for anything.

So here's pictures.  Our old tv stand is still here to the left - we'll be getting rid of that as soon as we figure out where to put the video games that are in it...

Here's our new couch, with the dining room in the background...

Our now-spacious dining room.

And my craft room that is in need of MUCH organization.  The fouton is against the other wall - so you'd be facing my desk when sitting on it.