Friday, September 11, 2009

Mia & Tux

Tux and Mia are getting along better! Right before this picture was taken, Mia was looking out the window with her tail hanging down...and Tux was ferociously attacking her tail. :) She pulled her tail up, turned, and gave him a look of "WHAT are you DOING???" She's still not completely sure about him yet, but there is a lot less hissing and she's out and about with him more. The only time she's hissing now is when he's all up in her face trying to get her to play. We still lock him in a different room at night to give her some time to herself (and to keep him from keeping US awake!). I keep hoping she'll give him a good slap one of these days to teach him to give her some space, but she hasn't yet done this.

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