Wednesday, June 03, 2009

socks and gardens, what else? :)

so the pink socks are done.  :)  This first picture is a good shot of the stitches, but a bad one of the actual color....
Here's a more accurate picture of what the color is.  I need to figure out the settings on my camera and how to get both in the same picture...  :)

The current project - I actually finished p the toe on this sock last night and have it off the needles.  I'll be casting on the mate tonight!  :)  it's hard to see the pattern, but it's a cabled one called "dragonfly"

The cutest cat ever, Mia, wants to say hi!!!  :)

And now for some more garden pictures!!!  Its so amazing how much things can change over night!!!

I noticed these growing this weekend - I'm not sure what their "official" name is, but we called them coin plants when I was a kid.  They must have come with something that I transfered from mom's garden because I didn't plant them.  I decided to leave them since I had so much fun playing with them and the "coins" when I was younger.  :)

more and more peonies keep opening up! 

Paul and his dad are going to rip this bush out for me in a few weeks.  It's so ugly and overgrown.  Whenever I cut it back, it just turns it's time to say good bye!  :-D

mmmm....irises!  These are the ones from mom's garden.  There's two colors- this light color and a darker one.  Only the light ones were open last night, but I noticed some dark ones that were opening this morning!


Radishes in the planter box.  :)

Spider wort! I LOVE this plant. Only a few of the buds are opening, but in a few days they all will be and it will be QUITE the sight. These open each morning and close each evening.

front yard:

back yard:

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Ron said...

Kara I'm unable to open a d if your photos. I do like your blog other than that. Is it difficult to build one? I think it would be a nice way to communicate. I would like to pay you to set one up for me if you could. Lots of love to you from Nashville. Dad & Grandpa.